Who We Are

Connexis (Pvt.) Limited is the most popular vehicle tracking company in Pakistan, known for its innovation, research, and development. Connexis, a security service provider specializing in GPS/GPRS satellite-based vehicle tracking systems, helps to protect customer assets and emancipates them from their security concerns with innovative solutions and customized services. We at Connexis have a dream and ambition to be the leaders in security service providers covering all aspects of security, including personal/individual, vehicle, asset, and property protection, with innovative and state-of-the-art solutions. The Connexis satellite vehicle tracking system, using GSM/GPRS technologies, comprises a highly specialized tracking package that ensures quality performance and cost-efficient solutions. It carries a variety of tracking features that include, but are not limited to, dispatching, monitoring, routing, and geo-fencing of vehicles, as well as the recovery of snatched and stolen vehicles. We are a team of professionals equipped with the latest know-how, tools, and techniques in the mentioned fields.




Vehicles, essential in modern life, enhance societal capabilities and organizational operations. However, their extensive use brings challenges, particularly in managing high and volatile fuel costs. Unpredictable fuel prices can impact organizations negatively, affecting profitability. To address this, efficient vehicle practices are crucial, involving informed decision-making, daily task optimization, and reevaluation of vehicle necessity. This focus on overcoming challenges guides our ongoing product development. Our mission is clear: equip clients with solutions for cost control, accountability, and increased productivity. This is achieved through expertise and exclusive tools like vehicle tracking and fleet management systems deployed globally



Our values are the solid pillars that underpin our own success and that of the businesses we help to enrich. These values are the reason that our services, products and enduring customer and dealer relationships are unparalleled in this field. We use honesty, integrity and customer satisfaction as our impetus while nurturing the interests of our stakeholders.



Our goal is not just to win a swelling business but satisfied customers. This drives our product development pep for lower costs and higher quality.

Our Team

Connexis is managed by a well-practiced team of experts, assisted by well-prepared technicians. Thus, Connexis combines knowledge, insight, and competence to provide its clients with security support right from planning to management. Our highly trained people provide whole-hogging and cost-efficient solutions to meet challenging security issues. Our organizational culture and our training programs are based on the concepts of technology, efficiency, and innovation.  We know that technology is a critical component of any employee empowerment program. That's why we are committed to designing solutions that enhance the partnership between workers and management. This implies that the training culture holds all the aces at Connexis, thus differentiating it from others. We are a 21st-century company. In keeping with the nonpareil standards of the 21st century, Connexis has the pull for quality, enwraps best practices, and employs total quality management in its functions. Connexis is proud to be the possessor of the most modern technologies for vehicle tracking and fleet management integrated with digital communication devices to form customized security solutions that are thorough and full of value. Over and above the possession of excellent service features, this propounds Connexis’s customer-focused business philosophy.

Message from CEO

Connexis is a technology company that creates innovative tracking and security products, services, and solutions for various industry clients, from small-sized startups to large corporations. It is equally beneficial for individuals seeking to track their own family cars.

We focus on innovative products and solutions that maximize add-on value and help businesses and individuals optimize day-to-day management processes. Our team consists of highly qualified, passionate, honest, and hardworking professionals ready to serve with passion, discipline, and integrity. We work with our clients to create a better tomorrow. Let your business experience the future with our R&D program.

We are always up for discussion.