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To ensure optimal performance, sensors within and outside a vehicle must be strategically and discreetly positioned. The effectiveness of these sensors relies on their exact placement and mounting.

Door Sensor

Monitors the status of vehicle doors, providing alerts if a door is left open or improperly closed to enhance safety and security.

Temperator Sensor

Measures the internal and external temperatures of the vehicle, helping regulate climate control systems and ensuring optimal operating conditions.

ADAS Sensors

Detect and analyze surroundings, avoid collision, get lane departure warnings and adaptive cruise control with ADDAS sensors

Tyre Pressure Sensor

Monitors the air pressure inside the vehicle's tires in real-time, providing alerts for under-inflation or over-inflation to ensure tire performance, safety, and fuel efficiency.

Parking Sensor

Uses ultrasonic waves to detect obstacles while parking, offering real-time distance feedback to prevent collisions and assist in precise maneuvering.

Load Sensor

Detects and measures the weight of cargo or passengers in the vehicle, aiding in load management, safety, and compliance with weight regulations.

Driver Fingerprint Sensor

Authenticates the driver through fingerprint recognition, ensuring secure vehicle access and personalized settings for enhanced security.

Fuel Sensor

Monitors the fuel level in the tank, providing accurate readings to help manage fuel consumption, detect fuel theft, and optimize refueling schedules.

Sensors Key Features

Connexis Technology is renowned for offering the best sensors in Pakistan, catering to diverse industries and applications. Our commitment to innovation and quality ensures that our clients receive the most reliable and advanced sensor solutions available. Enhance your operations with the best sensors in Pakistan. We provides the precision, reliability, and innovation you need to excel. Contact us today to learn more about our sensor solutions and how they can benefit your business.

Our sensors offer unparalleled accuracy and reliability, ensuring precise measurements for a variety of applications, from industrial automation to environmental monitoring.

Multi-Sensor Capabilities

Monitor multiple parameters simultaneously with our multi-sensor devices. From temperature and humidity to pressure and motion, our sensors provide comprehensive data collection.

Tailor our sensor solutions to meet your specific needs. We offer customizable sensor configurations and data processing options to ensure optimal performance for your unique applications.

Our sensors are designed for easy integration with existing systems. Whether you need compatibility with PLCs, SCADA systems, or cloud platforms, our sensors offer versatile interfacing options.

AI Camera: Our AI dashcams provide real-time monitoring and analysis of driving behavior, enhancing safety and security on the road.

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)  Enhance driver assistance with advanced camera offers features like lane departure warning and collision detection to help prevent accidents and improve driver awareness.

Driver Monitoring System (DMS) : Camera tracks driver attentiveness and behavior, alerting to signs of drowsiness or distraction to enhance road safety.

Advanced Fleet Camera Solutions for Comprehensive Monitoring

Our advanced AI camera solutions offer real-time monitoring, driver behavior analysis, and advanced driver assistance features. With our cutting-edge technology, fleet managers can enhance security, improve driving performance, and optimize overall fleet management. 

Professional Installation and Support

Night Vision Capabilities

Remote Viewing

CCTV & Servilence Solution

High Defination Video Quality

Wide Angle Cameras

Secure Data Storage Options

Cutting-Edge CCTV Technology for Superior Monitoring and Protection

Solutions include installation, Monitoring, and Maintenance of industrial, commercial, and domestic CCTV. We provide cost-effective, evidence-based, quality CCTV surveillance systems tailor-made to meet your requirements.

Bullet Shape Camera: Designed for outdoor use, offer long-range viewing capabilities and are weatherproof, making them ideal for monitoring large areas.

PTZ: Allows remote control of the camera’s pan, tilt, and zoom functions, enabling flexible and detailed monitoring of large areas.

Vandal-resistant Camera : Built with robust materials to withstand tampering and vandalism, ensuring reliable surveillance in high-risk environments.

Wide-View Camera: Offers a broad field of view to capture more area in a single frame, perfect for comprehensive surveillance and monitoring.

NVC: Provides clear visibility in low-light or nighttime conditions, ensuring safety and security even in the dark.

Dome Shaped Camera: are Versatile and unobtrusive, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, providing a wide viewing angle and vandal-resistant design.

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