We understand the challenges involved in managing fleets today, from containing costs and operating efficiently to meeting government safety regulations and retaining good drivers. Whether your fleet is large or small, private or for-hire, Connexis has the knowledge, applications, hardware, and services to meet your company’s fleet management needs.



Connexis Fleet Management, a user-friendly GPS-enabled system, offers real-time information and up-to-the-minute history reports for efficient fleet management. The intuitive online interface allows users to easily locate vehicles, view exact map locations, check heading and speed, and access comprehensive reports of stops along routes. Automatic email alerts notify users of arrivals or departures at preset destinations. Leveraging fleet tracking capabilities, Connexis enhances driver behavior, boosts productivity, and provides insights into real-time vehicle performance. The solutions encompass integrated route planning, detailed planned vs. actual route performance analysis, superior fleet monitoring, and effective management of driver behavior and vehicle tracking metrics (operating hours, maintenance, engine temperature, fuel level, etc.). Suitable for managing two vehicles or two hundred, Connexis Fleet offers an affordable and streamlined approach to fleet and driver oversight. The comprehensive web-based interface facilitates extraordinary operational efficiency by providing live GPS location data for every covered vehicle.


Connexis's driver and fleet performance management solution maximize revenues by cutting operational costs. It transforms driving behavior at the driver level, optimizing fleet operations through tracking, mapping, and reporting. This approach provides a competitive advantage by enhancing safety, customer satisfaction, and reducing fuel consumption and vehicle wear-and-tear. Connexis fosters a safety and driving culture without burdening management or drivers, offering automatic coaching during every trip and mile. Key features include: Elimination of bad habits and risky driving decisions through real-time feedback. Analysis of acceleration, braking, lane handling, cornering, speeding, and compound events. Tabulation and translation of risky events into a simple metric for each driver and the fleet. Identification of hot spots with intense idling or risky driving maneuvers. Utilization of aggregated data to discover external factors impacting driver behavior. Proactive fleet management based on insights, optimizing fuel efficiency by decreasing idle time.


Connexis Fuel Management Systems efficiently measure and manage fuel usage within the transport network, utilizing various methods and technologies for real-time monitoring. The system offers features to: Monitor fuel tank level, filling quantity, time, and spot, and consumption with respect to distance traveled or pilferage/drainage time and location. Track vehicle and driver performance, providing detailed reports for assessing financial impact. Provide drivers with fuel-efficient routes. Compile critical data into analytical and visual tools for informed decisions on fuel management, safety, compliance, and overall fleet efficiency. Generate reports and scorecards on how drivers contribute to fuel costs. Connexis ensures a reliable fuel management system to control costs and enhance profits. Designed to assist fleet managers in better managing fuel consumption, vehicle and driver performance, and fuel costs. The system identifies specific driver behaviors, corrects bad habits, and distinguishes driving inefficiency from poor vehicle performance.

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Route planning is a key feature of Connexis Fleet Management, offering a comprehensive overview for efficient fleet management. This system optimizes routes, reducing travel time, minimizing wasted resources, and lowering fuel consumption, resulting in improved profitability. With Connexis Fleet Management, you can: Track the real-time location of your drivers, allowing you to dispatch the nearest one to a customer. Utilize live traffic analysis for avoiding slow areas or construction. Receive automated route recommendations for the quickest destination arrival. Monitor fuel consumption to optimize fuel stops. This system ensures better coordination, reduces the risk of drivers getting lost, and provides assistance to guide them back on track.


The cold chain involves various components like refrigerator trucks, cars, ships, containers, and warehouses. Temperature sensors play a crucial role in monitoring the temperature history of these elements, determining the product's shelf life. Connexis temperature monitoring system ensures real-time updates on refrigerated trucks and trailers, issuing alerts for any deviations from standards. This solution offers an audit-able record of the entire refrigerated goods supply chain, providing valuable insights. Connexis delivers instant temperature alerts through email, SMS, or the management console, addressing issues such as open doors or compressor overheating. This proactive monitoring minimizes the risk of cargo loss by enabling quick identification and resolution of temperature variances.


Niche Tracking understands the challenges faced by school buses in delivering a safe and reliable service while maintaining profitability. Their RFID-based School Bus Tracking Solution is a highly automated and customizable safety solution. This system aims to alleviate stress on drivers and the transportation department by offering features such as live tracking, route management, automated SMS, emergency preparedness, and student attendance monitoring. In response to the growing concern for child safety, Niche Tracking's solution ensures parents and school management can easily monitor school buses and students in real-time, providing a comprehensive solution for safety and security. The emphasis on accuracy, efficiency, and safety makes Niche Tracking stand out in ensuring the safety of children, offering an easy and effective way for parents and schools to stay connected with their students during transit.


Connexis fleet management simplifies vehicle maintenance with automated reminders based on mileage, engine hours, or time elapsed. This eliminates the challenges of managing paper records, reducing the risk of loss or damage. The system's GPS tracking ensures accurate monitoring. You can efficiently create a comprehensive fleet-wide service plan, specifying dates, mileage thresholds, and required services for each vehicle. Reminders for tasks like oil changes, filter changes, tire rotations, brake pads, insurance renewals, and driver license renewals are sent to designated individuals. This proactive approach enhances vehicle utilization and contributes to effective fleet management.