With the help of Connexis remote asset management solutions, organizations and individuals can gain more control and increase efficiency by getting visibility into the machinery at different remote locations. Our satellite-based solution snaps everything into focus, and enables management to track the performance of all your on- and off-road equipment, collect usage and health information to save operational costs, improve equipment utilization, and safeguard valuable assets. Centralized management of all assets from a single platform improve equipment utilization, and helps to timely schedule upgrades and maintenance.


The Connexis container tracking system provides ongoing monitoring of your container(s) through all the stations and checkpoints of its journey from the factory to the customer. Whether dry storage or reefer, land or sea, the container tracking system will watch over your goods as they move from one point to another, regardless of the distance or transportation method. This system incorporates the function of multiple technologies in a single unit. With its embedded GPS technology and cellular communication abilities, the device has been cleverly designed to provide precise information regarding the location, condition and temperature of the container in Real-Time and is based on the settings and scheduling defined by the user.


The Connexis remote generator monitoring system allows you to monitor and diagnose the status of your generator from any location at any time. Our cost-effective remote generator monitoring technology works with all brands of standby generators and provides real-time data, 24/7, for any diagnostic condition. No matter how far away the equipment is located, its real-time condition is available at any time of the day in an easy-to-read format, delivered directly to computer or cell-phone. Our advanced field-proven telemetry systems are equally good for on-site power, standby power, and phone tower site monitoring applications with the assurance of increased generator availability and a rapid response to service problems.